Final week of Parliament 2021: Vote on expropriation fails

This week is the final week of Parliamentary programming for 2021. Parliament will rise on this Friday 10 December for the year. The biggest news from the Parliamentary week is undoubtably the vote on the ANC’s controversial proposal to amend the constitution to clearly allow the seizure of land without compensation. As reported by the […]

The week ahead in Parliament: Expropriation & Eskom on the national agenda

With last week’s Mid-Term Budget Policy Statement behind us, Parliament undertakes the intensive process of processing the proposed amendments. In the National Assembly, the highlight for the week is undoubtedly the questions session for oral reply involving the Economics Cluster, which is programmed to take place on Wednesday. Several important committee meetings are scheduled for […]

Insights from Parliament: Mozambique insurgency on Parliament’s agenda

Parliament is currently in recess. The recess period started on 23 March and ends on 3 May, which is a rather lengthy constituency period. There are some interesting committee meetings scheduled for the coming week. The Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy will be particularly busy. On Tuesday, the Minister of Mineral Resources and […]

The week ahead in Parliament: Almost time for a break already

This week is the final week of the first term of 2021 in Parliament. As always, it seems that just as the legislature is picking up a bit of steam, it has to take a break. The recess period starts on 23 March and ends on 3 May, which is a rather lengthy constituency period, […]

The week ahead in Parliament: Health, wealth and power will dominate

This week sees Parliament returning to its usual administrative programming, but that does not mean that there is nothing of interest on the agenda. The highlight for the National Assembly is the consideration of a bill relating to Justice and Correctional Services, with the Report of the Portfolio Committee Correctional Services Amendment Bill [B32 – […]

Insights from Parliament: the Economic Regulation of Transport Bill

Metered taxi in Cape Town

The Economic Regulation of Transport Bill was introduced to the National Assembly on 31 January 2020. The aim of the Bill is to promote economic growth through efficient regulation of the transport sector. To this end, the Bill consolidates the regulation of the transport sector — currently regulated by a number of different bodies, including […]

Insights from Parliament: Cabinet approves Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill

The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill (“the Bill”) has been approved by Cabinet and will soon be tabled in Parliament by the Minister of Justice.  This Bill follows from a Constitutional Court judgment that upheld the right to personal, private possession and cultivation of cannabis, and gave the legislature until September 2020 to enact legislation […]