Our clients

Resolve has achieved significant public relations and public affairs wins for a number of multi-nationals, JSE-listed companies and industry bodies in various sectors over the years.

These include the following industries:

What our clients have to say

"I would like to thank you and your team for always delivering a top class service to us during this time. Your energy, guidance and drive has been a crucial factor in the progress that we have made on the PR front and in initiating new relationships."
– MD of international export company
"We appreciate the excellent work done by the Resolve team. It is indisputable that this PR campaign has benefited our cause immensely. The recent support from SA’s international trade partners is a culmination of consistent brilliance behind the scenes and in the media."
– Chairperson of an SA-based advocacy group
"Thank you for guiding us through the last few weeks. It was reassuring to have you at our side and we all learnt from your advice on how to handle the various issues."
– CEO of a global publishing house
"I want to thank Resolve Communications for the support during an extremely sensitive time for our business. We would not have been able to deal with the problems faced, without your advice and communication skills."
– Principal of a leading private school
"You have been the calm Captain steering us through this sensitive situation. I know we are not always the easiest to steer. Thank you for not faltering, thank you for questioning even when you knew we were hell bent on a path."
– MD of a global technology and e-commerce company
"Just wanted to say thanks and compliment you on incredible work. Resolve Communications’ work is certainly next level."
– CEO of global agriculture firm
"Well done. It has taken an entire year to achieve this level of credibility. Thank you Resolve for outstanding professional advice."
– Executive member of agricultural body
"The hard work and tenacity of the press campaign has reached appropriate ears and elicited a response. Thank you and well done!"
– Head of a land reform beneficiary trust
"It’s like a media avalanche!! Thanks for all your work in getting our industry in the news."
– CEO of industry association
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you. I was particularly impressed with your agility on regulations and the interpretation thereof. Arranging those meetings with stakeholders made my job a lot more easier."
– Head of Public Policy at a global transportation firm
"Despite the topsy-turvy year 2020 has been, together we still managed to pull off a campaign that will go down in the history books as a brilliant strategic PR campaign. We definitely couldn’t have persuaded the President without your hard work, dedication and support. I have enjoyed working with you all."
– Executive Director of a publishing firm