Insights from Parliament: Steel and Metal Fabrication Sector Masterplan to be published for comment
Jul 31, 2020

Minister Ebrahim Patel announced that the Department of Trade and Industry will soon publish a draft Steel and Metal Fabrication Sector Masterplan for comment.

Upon publication, the Masterplan will be open for comments from the industry. This will be an opportunity for organisations across the sector to put their positions before government on issues like the contentious scrap metal export tax, and on the implications of the masterplan for production volumes, business margins, as well as sustainability and job creation in the industry.

The Resolve team has advocacy and public affairs advisory experience on industry masterplans in other sectors too, and the expertise to develop and execute a concerted public relations campaign to advocate for a masterplan that will protect our clients’ interests. We can assist clients to engage effectively in the masterplan process, make compelling submissions, and to ensure that our clients are fully apprised of the process and the various democratic opportunities that exist to make their voice heard.

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